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In defence of journalism schools

January 11, 2004

Originally published in Media Magazine, Winter 2003. Journalism schools have always been viewed with skepticism in a craft where being a skeptic is a basic job requirement And it’s easy to write them off. After all, a good liberal education rounded off with a dose of life experience is a [...]

CAR just keeps on growing

January 5, 2004

This corner of Media magazine isn’t feeling quite as lonely as it once did. In fact, it’s getting downright crowded The last year has been something of a blur in the world of computer-assisted reporting in Canada Natalie Clancy of CBC-TV in Vancouver built a database to probe a string [...]

Using queries to make sense of your data

February 20, 2001

Originally published in Media Magazine, Winter 2001 Alright.  You’ve interviewed  your data till you’re blue in the face. You know what all the fields are and what all the codes mean.  You’ve cleaned up your tables so Smith Street isn’t spelled six different ways.  In [...]

Of cops, rooming houses, and city hall data

January 11, 1999

Originally published in Media Magazine, Fall 1998 One-seventy Langside Street is a white and green, two storey house in the West Broadway neighbourhood in Winnipeg’s inner city. Today, workers are renovating it to provide housing for a low income family. Last November, there were so many [...]
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