Jour 3004, Searching corporate records class

Here are some resources that should help you with the assignment.

The key documents we discussed in class (all available on

Audited annual financial statements. These contain the key financial information for a company. The balance sheet is a snapshot of the finances at the end of the fiscal year. The statement of operations (or income) tells you how much money the company brought in and spent, and provides a bottom line profit or loss. The statement of cash flows shows how much cash the company has on hand at the end of the fiscal period.

Annual Information Form: This is a goldmine of information about the company, what it does, how it makes money, what risks it faces, and similar information. This is the best places to get an unvarnished look at the company’s operations, good and bad.

Management’s Discussion and Analysis: Details, from the point of view of management, the operations and state of the company. In many ways similar to the annual information form.

Management Information Circular: Also called a proxy circular, this document is prepared by management for shareholders in advance of the annual meeting of shareholders. It contains details of compensation of the named executives (look for the summary compensation table).

How-to videos

I made a couple of how-to videos. One I made last year to show how to use SEDAR. It doesn’t mention the annual information form, but otherwise shows the same records we used today. The second video shows how to upload a PDF to Google Drive and share it, as required by the assignment.

Video on searching SEDAR (created in 2017)

How to upload a file to Google Drive and share it with Fred.

The password for both videos is ‘3004’


Useful links, including to the two spreadsheets we looked at in class. I have added some additional rows so you can see what I am looking for in your spreadsheet.

Globe and Mail 1000

CEO Salaries spreadsheet from class (without the salaries–you need to get the rest of those yourself).

Demo spreadsheet, like the one you need for your assignment. I used some of the document examples from class today and added a couple of links for foundational research as well. This one is not complete, but it will give you the idea of what you need to do. This sheet could be used to write a short story on Blackberry’s strategy to focus on the “enterprise of things.”