Links for 3004, Fall 2016

Google Advanced Search:

Freedom of Information

Examples of requests others have made:

Open data list of completed ATI requests

*Note, that many federal departments and agencies also post lists of their own completed requests, and these lists are more comprehensive. E.g. The CBC posts its at

Newspapers Canada FOI audits

BC Online FOI requests

The legislation at the federal level and in Nova Scotia:

Read the federal ATI Act

Nova Scotia FOI Act

Lists of contacts:

List of federal ATI coordinators

Nova Scotia public body contacts

Federal ATI online filing system

HRM access office

Forms etc:

Form for federal departments and agencies that don’t take electronically filed requests

Departments and agencies that do take electronic requests

Form for Nova Scotia provincial requests

Form for Halifax requests

Dalhousie University form

There is no King’s form, but requests are submitted to the freedom of information coordinator in the bursar’s office.

Other research resources not covered in class

Provincial political donations

Halifax political donations

Viewpoint Realty, a great site for finding sale price histories on properties

Data downloads
Halifax credit card data

Halifax pet names

Health Canada Travel by senior officials

CADORS, aircraft involved in incidents

Ottawa health data

Halifax Election Districts

Halifax Election 2016, results of mayoral election

Data Resources

Toronto open data catalogue

Vancouver open data

Federal open government/open data site

2016-17 NHL Salaries (from

Video Tutorials

Add a year column using the YEAR function

Add a total column using the SUM function

Making a pivot table in Excel 2011 (version we have in class)

Making a pivot table in Excel 2016 (latest version. PC version is basically the same)

How to make a merged Fusion table map

How to change the map and popup styles of a Fusion Tables map

How to embed a Fusion Tables map in a WordPress post

Revised second data assignment

This is the revised assignment