Pothole reports in Fredericton: 2015 FOI Audit

For most Canadians, potholes are just part of life in the springtime. As the snow melts away, driving down some streets is akin to competing in a slalom ski race; swerve back and forth to save the shocks.
The 2015 FOI Audit asked the City of Fredericton for “all reports of potholes received from Fredericton residents during April and May of
The city released the record below.
Fredericton received Fs in the audit for both speed and completeness of disclosure.The City asked the information commissioner if it could deny most of the requests on the basis they were frivolous and vexatious, because they were requests (the city guessed, correctly) filed as part of the audit. The commissioner said the city had to respond, but by the time it began to send out decisions, it was too late to get a good grade on either measure.
The potholes request was one of only two that Fredericton municipal bodies answered before putting the rest on hold to consult with the commissioner. Fredericton says responding to audit requests is a strain on its resources.
Feel free to use the records, but please credit the 2015 Newspapers Canada FOI Audit.